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How do I signup?

Information and sign up forms for the next project will be out late summer. Keep checking our page for updates or follow us on Facebook!

The Project

Each year, Connecting Kids sponsors the materials and supplies for a group of middle and high school art students to create wheelchair costumes for children at Halloween.

The People

The idea for the Costumes for Kids project was first brought to life at Okaloosa Academy, an alternative education program in Northwest Florida. The amazing art teacher, Jackie Sines, provided superb leadership and direction for the project and her students transformed wheelchairs into works of art!

The Impact

This project positively impacts so many people! The students are highly engaged in service-oriented learning and take ownership of the costumes, the children receiving them are on cloud nine, and the parents are overjoyed to see the smiles on their children's faces.

Future Expansion

We are planning to expand efforts across the Northwest Florida community and in Maryland. Follow us on Facebook to stay in touch on the latest news and updates.